The Great Landing Page "Hoax"

If you've been around marketing circles a little while you would definitely have heard of You see, the people "in the know" have taken notice of how this site, selling info products in the dating niche has absolutely exploded.

And I'm not talking about a quaint little 6- or even 7-figure business. This site now rakes in over $20M/year. I would say that's something worth paying attention to, particularly if you're serious about growing your own info products business.

Now here's the "hoax" part I mentioned in the title...

A lot of marketers have heard of and actually copied their "squeeze page" for their own products and services. (Fact, is, you can go to Google right now and type in a unique string of keywords from their landing page and you'll see about 12,500 results.)

Well, here's the big secret: that's not their best converting page...

...not by a long shot!

And until now, that information has been pretty much kept under wraps so it wouldn't be ripped off. Eben Pagan and his company are testing fanatics and have discovered over the last 6 years something even more powerful that they've never shared before: their best landing page converts at 60-80%!

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this information, because they're using a technique that you can use on your 7DSS-driven site when you add Expansion Pack Giveaway Expansion.

If you want to see what's up, head over here. Go through the entire process, because you'll be experiencing how he gets these remarkable conversions yourself. Actually, there are 2 more good reasons to go all the way through:

  1. The business building quiz contains a 5-page analysis with invaluable insights
  2. Eben will be giving you a beta version of the software ($197 value) to create these kind of breakthrough landing pages yourself

I'm looking forward to seeing what else Eben has up his sleeve!