The IM Myth Exposed

A couple days ago I let most of you know about a new, free report called The IM Myth, in which Russell Bronson talks (well, writes, actually) about using offline techniques to drive your online business. (I think the report is still available.)

It probably won't surprise you that Russell uses the free report to whet your appetite for his just-released coaching session with his mentor; in fact, I found the free report to be a little annoying with the blurb on each of its 44 pages goading me to sign up for his pre-launch list. Still, there was some great info in that report and that's why I let you know about it.

Well, Russell released his "12 Month Internet Millionaire" package yesterday and I bought it on the basis of the information I'd already read in the free report.

(An aside: that's why your free and low-cost reports must be more than just filler and fluff: they will lead to more profitable sales down the line.)

I just got done reading the first 40 pages (I can read a whole lot faster than I can listen to the 6 hours of audio) and I can tell you that my head is just spinning!

You see, my experience for the last 25 years has been in retail and I've used many of the offline techniques Russell and his mentor discuss to build my own offline business. I know they work. But I am just plain excited about the ideas that are popping into my head for using these techniques to build my online business.

I thought Russell was going to be offering the "12 Month Internet Millionaire" as a physical product—and he is—but he's also offering it as a six-MP3 download. And for a limited time he's lowered the price to an easily-affordable amount.

(BTW, I still don't know what "12 Month" refers to. Is it how long his mentor took? How long it might take you?)

I've still got about 160 pages to go (did I mention that the PDF transcript is included?) so I can't give you a complete review of the coaching session, but what I've read so far looks very useful and it will add a lot of value to my business.

I'll followup with a full review when I've finished, but if you don't want to wait until then you can get your own copy here.