Things That Frustrate Me About My iPhone

iOS Wi-Fi Not Syncing

A small list, in no particular order, of things that frustrate me about my iPhone 4S:

  • It won’t automatically sync over Wi-Fi when plugged in and locked, even though that option is selected in iTunes. Nor will it sync over W-Fi if I manually initiate the sync on the iPhone or on the Mac (yes, the Mac shows the device). This began immediately after upgrading to iOS 6.0, but the same upgrade did not affect my iPad. (Update 10/4/13: Little Snitch was to blame)

  • App upgrades require that I enter my Apple ID password, even though it’s not required for my iPad. iOS 6 was supposed to remove this requirement, but that didn’t happen for my iPhone.

  • Although I never use the Music app and regularly use the Podcasts app, my iPhone will often show the current player in the multi-tasking bar as Music, even if I had just been using Podcasts in the last 15 minutes. I usually find this to be the case when I bring up the controls on the lock screen–I then have to unlock the phone, navigate to the app, and begin playing from there.

These hardly keep me from using the iPhone, but they aggravate me daily.