Transferring Domains

Domain Name Registration

I'm finally getting around to transferring domains away from my long-time registrar, Dotster. I'm not exactly sure when I started using them to register my domains (April 2000?), but I believe they were my second-ever registrar, after Network Solutions.

(I—or, rather, my web host at the time—used Network Solutions to register my first domain,, on 9/25/1995 at the whopping price of $70.00 per year! Cost my web host a bit, too, because they fumble-fingered the domain name and had to re-register it. Wonder what Thomas Kepler is up to now...)

Anyway, they've never been the least expensive registrar and their prices have been slowly creeping up, so I've finally gotten around to moving my older domains over to my newest registrar,

I've been very pleased with not only their prices, but also their services over the past few years, and so they've gotten all my newest domains, about 40% of the total.

I transfered another 20% today, all domains I've had for quite a while. One of the things I like about is that they offer services for free that other registrars charge you for: web page forwarding, email forwarding, WHOIS privacy—they'll even host a single site free for one year, with additional sites at very low rates.

The remaining 40% are mostly in my reseller account at Dotster; they handle all the renewals and notices automatically for those customers and send me a check every few months. Unless I find another registrar with a reseller registration API (anyone have any suggestions?) I'll need to leave those at Dotster.

Transferring that many domains was painless. As with any other registrar it was necessary to unlock the domains at Dotster and request an authorization code for each domain; click a link in an email message from and supply the auth code; and, of course, pay the cost of renewing the domains for an additional year. automatically locks the transferred domains to prevent transfers without your consent.

Okay, that's one task to check off my list!