Two Years with Line2

Line2: Great service, less-than-great app

I’ve come to the end of two years with Line2, a cloud phone service that has replaced my business landline, and overall I’ve been pleased with the service. However, there are a number of niggling things with the iOS app itself which keep me from fully enjoying the service and which the company is slow—or unwilling—to fix.

The biggest issue for me is that there is no alert/banner or sound for new voicemail messages. Due to the lousy service from Sprint in my area, it’s not uncommon for a call to go straight to voicemail instead of ringing my phone. I only learn of the message through an email and I have to trigger the push notification through a Mail rule.

But there are more:

  • It takes too many taps to initiate a phone call to a given contact: three instead of one
  • Actions for voicemail messages are difficult, since the UI uses small tap targets
  • The mic button is disabled 90% of the time for voice input of text messages
  • The speaker turns off between messages when listening to voicemail
  • Favorites show the wrong contact in some cases
  • Anonymous callers are incorrectly shown as an existing contact in my recent calls
  • Dialer key feedback is either too loud or doesn’t exist at all
  • Contacts are mis-sorted
  • The app takes far too long to access my contacts and update call history, etc. with contact names when I’ve not been in the app for a while
  • The layout of the keypad screen is cluttered; the digits and contact name need to spread out a bit and the Call button needs to be smaller

In addition I’d like Line2 to support URLs to dial a number: line2://dial?885551212 for example. I could use this with Launch Center Pro and I’d step up my efforts to get Marketcircle to support third-party dialers in Daylite. But, as I said, Toktumi rarely fixes anything in the app and even more rarely shows up in their Community Forums.