VisiOlo Public Beta

Here's a quick note about a very narrow window of opportunity for the right group of infopreneurs.

A buddy of mine is opening up a public beta period for a new tool he's been working on. The project has been going well (I've been in the private beta for the last few months) and he's needing a larger group of users to take the tool to the next level.

A successful beta test candidate will:

  • Already be selling a digital info product -- more than one is recommended
  • Have a list of prospects and/or customers
  • Understand the importance of tracking and testing
  • Be willing to offer regular feedback on the tool

In addition, there is a financial cost to be involved in the beta test, although it's significantly less than the price will be when the tool is released to the general public.

If you do not meet these requirements, then please delete this message.

However, if you believe you qualify, then please review the details of the beta test here.