You Don't Need Blog Module

I noticed a change today in the description for the Drupal 7 Blog module: "Enables multi-user blogs." That's a big difference from the description in D6 and D5: "Enables keeping easily and regularly updated user web pages or blogs."  (D4.7 reads "Enables keeping an easily and regularly updated web page or a blog.") Had that description been as simple as that when I first started using Drupal, I never would have enabled the module for a blog.

You see, it's possible to use any content type in Drupal as a blog. You only need the Blog module enabled if you want more than one registered (authenticated) user to maintain a blog.

One benefit of not using Blog on a single-author site is that your breadcrumbs won't look odd. "Home : Blogs : Don's Blog" really isn't necessary on such a site. Another benefit, of course, is losing the overhead of that module.

If you want to convert your blog entries to another content type, as I did today, be prepared for some frustration. Node Convert will ease the transition, with the possibility of simply hosing your node revisions table. Backup your database first; you may need to re-import that table after the conversion.

Update: Don't use Node Convert! It breaks more than revisions; the modification dates of all your nodes will change and CCK field instances won't carry over.