Your Membership Site Software Recommendations?

Christmas is coming up quickly and I always find myself busy at this time of year. For the last week I've been in rehearsals for and performances of my church's annual Christmas production, so my time spent on Internet marketing has been rather limited.

With so little time to invest, it's interesting that quite a bit of that time was spent on investigating membership site software. Not only have I got a project that I'm working on in that area, but I received not one, but four requests this week for a recommendation for membership site software.

I don't know what to tell them—or what to go with myself. Amember Pro looks like the top contender in terms of features, but Easy Member Pro seems to be a favorite of many. And there are solutions to tie membership sites in with popular content managementsoftware like Wordpress and Joomla.

So, let me ask you: what have you tried? What do you like or dislike about the current membership site solutions?