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A forum member recently posted:

Instead of charging  $7 for a recording , wouldn't it be better to do a upsell with another product eg a  plr you have on your hard disk. That will be so enriching and show you are over delivering. Just my personal opinion.

No One Wants Affiliates Like This

A support request earlier this month started out amiably enough, with an affiliate asking "I was wondering how long it take for me to see payments to my paypal for my sales? I know I have made sales already, I was in person watching the book getting purchased."

Of course I was concerned, since payments on referrals of $7 Secrets are paid immediately and directly to the affiliate's PayPal account, so I asked the affiliate (let's call him "Jeff") to tell me who made the purchase and I'd look into it.

Don't Be Bill

Yesterday I received an unsubscribe notification from my autoresponder, one of those messages that tells me a subscriber has left and gives me the reason if the subscriber has taken the time to let me know. I monitor those and, if someone takes the time to give me a reason, I take the time to respond.

$7 Secrets Still Relevant

How do I know that $7 Secrets is still relevant after nearly two years? The copycats come out.

I Must Be Lying

Yes, there does seem to be a downturn in the economy, at least by looking at certain indicators. However, I must take issue with the commentary recently published by a fellow marketer:

Any IMer that doesn't admit that the current economic conditions have cut deeply into their sales are simply not being truthful.

So I must be lying when I say

Take Action!

One of the great things about running help desk software is getting support tickets that serve as fodder for my blog posts. Tickets like this one are not common, but probably represent a number of buyers of Internet marketing products who haven't yet taken the steps necessary for success:

Please don't use the number $7 anymore

Got a support ticket today from Pepe, with the subject you see above:

Am so so tired. Everything in marketing has a price that ends with $7. It's too much!!!

Tell me, Pepe, when was the last time you walked into your local department store and complained because all the prices ended in ".99" or ".95"? I'm guessing you'll be complaining next year when marketers are using "8" instead.

7DollarSecrets.com down for maintenance

Last weekend the hard drive hosting 7dollarsecrets.com decided to start giving problems, so a backup drive and a replacement drive were scheduled to be installed.

I didn't find out in time to let you know that the work was being done yesterday and the site would be down for a couple hours. And I figured that by the time I got back to the office and sent you a message the site would be up anyway.

At least, that was the plan.

Then Murphy stepped in.

7DollarSecrets.com Hit By Hard Drive Trouble

It was a bit nerve-wracking when I found 7dollarsecrets.com displaying a blank page today, particularly when I could FTP in and also get in to my control panel. What could be wrong?

Well, it turned out that the hard drive containing the site at the hosting provider was beginning to fail and the drive locked itself into read-only mode as a failsafe. Since the script couldn't write data, it was timing out and displaying a blank page.

$7 Secrets Affiliate Contest

In case you didn't know, there's an anniversary coming up: the 1 year anniversary of $7 Secrets!

To celebrate, I'm initiating a contest for the people that have made $7 Secrets so successful, the affiliates who have promoted the report over the last year.

The only thing you need to do is continue doing what you've been doing, and that's promoting $7 Secrets through your affiliate link. On January 31, the anniversary of $7 Secrets, I'll announce the winner -- the affiliate who has sold the most copies of the report during the month of January 2008.