$7 Secrets Scripts

Foiled Again!

Occasionally a sale for $7 Secrets will come through where the buyer attempted to change the price (usually $0.01); fortunately $7 Secrets Scripts has fraud protection and will prevent the download when the amount received is less than the price set by the merchant. I usually just add the buyer to The $7 Blacklist and let it go at that.

Installation Guide Updated for 7DSS 2.8

Well, it's been a long time coming... and now the completely-revised, new-and-improved $7 Secrets Scripts Installation Guide has been released.

Updated for 7DSS version 2.8, the guide attempts to make it much easier to get started with the software used by thousands of Internet marketers to quickly bring their information products to market.

You can read more about it here or simply download it from the link in the $7 Secrets report.

Using Multiple Sales Pages with $7 Secrets Scripts

$7 Secrets Scripts user Andrew Cavanagh wanted to know how to have multiple sales pages, each targeting a different audience, but all using the same order process and—more importantly—paying the referring affiliate. No problem.

(7DSS offers rudimentary split-page/conversion testing, but that’s different than what I’ll discuss here.)

Version 2.8 of $7 Secrets Scripts is in beta testing

Hey, folks! Version 2.8 of the $7 Secrets scripts (7DSS) is now in beta. You can download 2.8b2 (2.8b1 was a limited, private beta) from the usual place (see page 27 in the report).

While this version has been in use on 7dollarsecrets.com for the past several weeks with no problems, it has not had wide testing and it is a beta. There may be bugs and there will certainly be changes before the final release. I don't recommend using it on a production site. All that being said, I don't anticipate any problems and would appreciate your help in testing.