$7 Secrets

Version 2.8 of $7 Secrets Scripts is in beta testing

Hey, folks! Version 2.8 of the $7 Secrets scripts (7DSS) is now in beta. You can download 2.8b2 (2.8b1 was a limited, private beta) from the usual place (see page 27 in the report).

While this version has been in use on 7dollarsecrets.com for the past several weeks with no problems, it has not had wide testing and it is a beta. There may be bugs and there will certainly be changes before the final release. I don't recommend using it on a production site. All that being said, I don't anticipate any problems and would appreciate your help in testing.

$1 Works, Too

One misconception some people have about the $7 Secrets scripts is that you have to sell you products for $7. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

You can use the scripts to sell your products for any price you want!

I was talking with someone yesterday who's doing very well with a $97 product, sold through the scripts. Then there's the other extreme...