Affiliate marketing

My #1 Affiliate Marketing Secret

Once in a while I'm asked by an affiliate of mine why he or she isn't making any sales of $7 Secrets. Nine times out of 10, that affiliate is missing the one thing I believe every affiliate needs, no matter what product they're promoting: a website.

If you want to be successful marketing products as an affiliate, you need to have your own website—and promote those products from your website.

Here are several reasons why using your own website for promotion is so important:

Personal recommendation

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

It's little wonder that Internet Marketing has a bad name, when marketers—big name and otherwise—pull the stunts they do. Today I'm ticked off by those that either pay their affiliates late... or not at all.

Don't Be Bill

Yesterday I received an unsubscribe notification from my autoresponder, one of those messages that tells me a subscriber has left and gives me the reason if the subscriber has taken the time to let me know. I monitor those and, if someone takes the time to give me a reason, I take the time to respond.