A Service for Merlin Mann

A Service for Merlin Mann

If you’ve not heard of Merlin Mann, well, he’s the entertaining co-host of such podcasts as Back to Work and You Look Nice Today (NSFW), and has appeared on numerous tech podcasts like MacBreak Weekly, which is where I first heard him. He also has number of websites bearing his imprint.

Recently Merlin appeared on Brett Terpstra’s Systematic podcast and during his various ramblings on productivity he mentioned:

Dealing with the iCloud Junk Mailbox

Dealing with the iCloud Junk Mailbox

One of iCloud’s annoying features is its server-side spam filtering. Besides the utterly opaque side of the filtering, where it may simply refuse to deliver a message to a recipient based on the content, there’s the side that delivers other messages it judges to be spam to your Junk mailbox.

Resending Drupal Revalidation Links

On many of the Drupal-based sites I design I use a wonderful module called LoginToboggan, which provides a number of features related to user login. One such feature is the non-authenticated role, which is an interim role that a user can be set to after registering but before validating their email address.

Customizing Your WordPress Login

There are a number of plugins and tutorials to change the login logo for a WordPress installation, so why another one? Because changing the logo isn’t enough: you probably will also want to change the underlying link—which normally takes the user to

Riding A Carousel

I had an idea for a client’s site this week, where a series of images would scroll across, fade in and out, and link to another page. I’d seen carousels like this before, but I figured there was a non-Flash solution somewhere that would accomplish the task.