Conversion Magic Audio

The Conversion Magic teleseminar was a success! I was a bit nervous, never having hosted a teleseminar/webcast before, but (fortunately) Rob Toth was the main event.

There was a slight hitch, in that my sound level was quite low, even when I switched lines, but again, it wasn't about me. Other than that, the audio is clear and, as of moments after the event, is available from the link above.

"Conversion Magic" Teleseminar

There's a teleseminar I'm hosting on Thursday evening that I'd love to have you dialed into. It's called "Conversion Magic: Same Traffic. More Money" and it's presented by Rob Toth, an accomplished marketer of Internet-based information products.

Want some solid advice on how to increase your profits without increasing your traffic? Even if you don't have a product? So do I. So join us on Thursday, November 15, at 6:00pm Pacific.