Yes, Some Of Us Pay Attention

Got an e-mail message from someone I have—up until now—trusted, promoting a set of videos for the copywriting niche. The message was short and to the point, piquing my interest a little, but here's what he said about the sales letter for the product:

P.S. I know, the sales copy leaves a lot to be desired. You should have seen how bad it was before I did a quick edit on it!

Hey, some of us are paying attention here. If the sales copy for a copywriting product is bad, the product itself is undoubtedly worthless!

Psychic Sales Letters?

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll remember me telling you about Eben Pagan. Better known under his pseudonym, David DeAngelo, Eben is making waves in the info marketing world as he communicates what made him successful—to the tune of $20M/year—as a dating guru.

I just watched a video where Eben shares how to create successful sales letters; here's what I took from it:

Are You Being Understood? Really?

Whether we're writing copy for a sales letter or answering support messages, Internet marketers need to be understood. Without direct human intereraction, it's very easy to write in such a way that confuses, distracts, misleads, or downright offends.

I've posted a new article by Dr. Loren Ekroth on the subject of e-mail conversation problems. Besides helping me vent about the support messages I get, it prompts me to remember how to write when I'm conversing by e-mail.

All the Sales Letters You Could Want

Back in October, I let you know about a new software toolkit to help you create profit-pulling sales letters for your products that use the $7 Secrets scripts. My friend, Jorge Sampson, offered a great deal on Cash Copy Generator and a number of you took him up on that.

Are You Suffering From Writer's Block?

Hey, folks! Six months ago when I first got my hands on $7 Secrets I was really gung-ho and ready to start using the things I learned to bring out my own products. I got started installing the scripts and creating my first product, but I was brought up short when I realized one thing:

I had no idea how to write a compelling sales letter!