Customer service

Ledesma Optometry

I broke my eyeglasses frames a couple weeks ago and immediately ordered a new pair from my regular optometrist, Ledesma Optometry in Redlands. I was told they would be in on Tuesday (this was a Friday) and that they would be covered under their free replacement policy. I called back on Tuesday, was told their courier would be in after 1:30. I called after 1:30, was told that I was given incorrect information: the frames would take as long as seven days to arrive. No problem—except that my backup glasses were several years old and not suitable for long-term wear.

Why You Need a New Support System

It doesn't matter what type of online business you're in: it's important that your customers and prospects be able to contact you. Whether they're needing information or a problem to be solved, they want to know that they can reach you.

However, it's become quite clear that e-mail is unreliable. Not because e-mail is broken, but because many Internet Service Providers (ISPs)—AOL, Comcast, Hotmail and Yahoo are the worst—are blocking messages they believe are spam.

Great Hosting Service

I spent about 90 minutes on live chat with Host Gator today, trying to track down an inability to connect to my MySQL databases using a desktop application. (I use NaviCat, which makes accessing a database much quicker than using phpMyAdmin.) I was reminded again of why I like and recommend this web host.