The Problem with Outsourcing Sites

The Problem with Outsourcing Sites

Anyone see a problem here? Need I say more?

Update 9/7/2013: Apparently I do. By “outsourcing sites” (without naming such sites) I mean sites where you go to outsource the work. Generally speaking, those looking to hire from those sites aren’t willing to pay for quality work, hence the project asking for a Drupal programmer at $10/hour.

Enhancing Drupal's Multiple Term Filters

Enhancing Drupal's Multiple Term Filters

The Pathauto module for Drupal makes your links look pretty by automatically creating URL aliases when content is created. For example, when dealing with vocabularies, “example.com/taxonomy/term/1” can be gussied up as “example.com/tag/apple”.

Markdown, Images, and Drupal's Image Styles

Markdown editor for BUEditor

Generally speaking, there is no reason for me to use a WYSIWYG editor in Drupal when I’m using Markdown. Unfortunately, I needed an easy way to add images to my content as well, using a file browser/uploader.

Fortunately, the best image/file uploader and browser for Drupal is, in my opinion, IMCE.

Add CSS Classes to Images with Markdown in Drupal


For some time I’ve been writing my blog posts here in Markdown and using the Markdown input filter module to process the text in Drupal. Recently, as I found myself updating some older posts, I needed to be able to add classes to links and images and wondered if there was some way to specify these in Markdown.

Learning about PayPal Site Status Updates

PayPal Site Updates
PayPal doesn’t seem to have a proactive mechanism for informing developers of changes to their site. Although I’ve heard of developers receiving notification of bulletins by email, PayPal Merchant Technical Support doesn’t know anything about that.

Media Players in Drupal 7

I was tempted to call this “The Sorry State of Media Players in Drupal 7,” but I’m perhaps being too harsh. I probably have different requirements that nobody else has, so that’s why none (as far as I’ve been able to find) work for one of my current projects.

Resending Drupal Revalidation Links

On many of the Drupal-based sites I design I use a wonderful module called LoginToboggan, which provides a number of features related to user login. One such feature is the non-authenticated role, which is an interim role that a user can be set to after registering but before validating their email address.

2011 Site Update

It's been a while (2007) since I made any major changes to the site, but—as you can see—the site looks a lot different now. The design is a custom theme that I'm sorry I purchased; first, because the theme wasn't as polished as it initially appeared to be and, second, because it's not compatible with Drupal 7 and would require a serious amount of rework to make it so. I'll likely start over with something like Omega and create a similar look.

You Don't Need Blog Module

I noticed a change today in the description for the Drupal 7 Blog module: "Enables multi-user blogs." That's a big difference from the description in D6 and D5: "Enables keeping easily and regularly updated user web pages or blogs."  (D4.7 reads "Enables keeping an easily and regularly updated web page or a blog.") Had that description been as simple as that when I first started using Drupal, I never would have enabled the module for a blog.