Internet Marketing Sins

Man, oh man! I am only 40 pages through Sylvie Fortin's new Internet Marketing Sins manifesto and I am sitting here thinking, "This girl has nailed it!" (Sylvie, by "girl" I mean, well... you know I mean no disrespect.) She's naming some of the worst tactics used in Internet marketing and calling them for what they are. I myself have called marketers who use these tactics "hacks."

Do yourself a favor: get this free e-book and promise me you'll never use these tactics—or fall prey to them.

20 Ways to $100 a Day

I've let some of you know in the past about Daily Marketing Ace, my favorite "Tip of the Day" site and a resource that rivals Markus Allen's now-defunct "Marketing Tip of the Day." Hardly a day goes by that I don't get something from the marketing mavens that write each tip.