Lose Subscribers Fast

I'm a big fan of Rosa Maria's Drive-In. Great burritos (the CVC is da bomb!) with homemade tortillas within walking distance. And I get a free burrito on my birthday! But the email message I received from them today is fodder for a blog post:

Better than Frank Kern?

You have two snippets of text to work with: your name and your subject line. Personally, I believe the most valuable of the two is your name.

Amidst today's onslaught of email messages promoting the latest "big thing" by a "guru", here's a refreshing article about getting your own email messages opened. It doesn't cost a dime.

Ryan Healy (via Markus Allen): 7 Tips to Get Your Email Opened

Are You Being Understood? Really?

Whether we're writing copy for a sales letter or answering support messages, Internet marketers need to be understood. Without direct human intereraction, it's very easy to write in such a way that confuses, distracts, misleads, or downright offends.

I've posted a new article by Dr. Loren Ekroth on the subject of e-mail conversation problems. Besides helping me vent about the support messages I get, it prompts me to remember how to write when I'm conversing by e-mail.

Have Email Conversation Problems?

Email sometimes replaces other modes of communication like phoning or face-to-face conversation as the method of choice. It's quick, it's easy, it's a-synchronous. One click of the send button, and out goes your message. Mission accomplished!

But is your mission really accomplished? As it turns out (and as has been discovered by recent research) email conversations can have some significant downsides.