How to Find Your Facebook Profile ID

This is pretty easy. Look at the location in your address bar when you’re on your Facebook profile page: the number after “id=” is your profile (user) ID.

That wouldn’t by itself rate a blog post, but I was trying yesterday to find my profile ID and was having some difficulty because I have a username and the profile ID no longer shows.

Google found me a number of “solutions” that involved going to your photo albums, picking out a photo, and parsing the address of the photo. What a pain!

Luckily there’s an easier way:

Facebook as an Investigative Tool

I had reason today to use one of those "people search" websites you've probably seen from time to time. I was wanting to find out who the owner of a particular AOL address was, so I Googled the address. Although the address didn't come up in the search listings, two paid ads for search services came up and I took my chances with one of them.