Aunt Jeanie's Mexican Fudge

For me, the memories of Christmas include the tastes of the season. That’s why I make some of my Christmas favorites every year as we do our holiday baking.

One of those that I remember is my Aunt Jeanie’s Mexican Fudge. I used to attempt to gorge myself on it each year when we all met at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Christmas. (Aunt Jeanie also introduced me to Dr. Pepper, but that’s a different story.) There’s definitely a "different" taste to it due to the cinnamon.

Seattle Dining

Speaking of dining, we've enjoyed very much the food we've had so far. Last night we ate Asian cuisine at Dragonfish, just a block down the street. Asparagus beef, carmel ginger chicken, Jasmine riceā€”it was all very tasty, and we managed to use chopsticks without flinging food everywhere. We had the leftovers for breakfast this morning (oh, Cara was very impressed that the restaurant labeled the to-go containers with the date).