Google+ Spam

Alex Albert is a spammer. I bought one product from him in 2007 and I've since unsubscribed from every list he's added me to. He keeps adding me to new lists and now he's added me to a circle (I presume) in Google+. And I'm getting his updates.

The problem is that I can't just unsubscribe from his spam updates. No, when I click on the unsubscribe link, the only options I have are to unsubscribe my address from all Google+ notifications or not. Seems like overkill.

Sprint Teams Up With Google Voice

Looks like an interesting new development, one which I'd use. However:

Neither service works for Sprint’s business customers...

And I pay for which increased level of service as a business customer? Dear Sprint: My current service agreement is up about the time the iPhone 5 (presumably) comes out. There are now two carriers with the iPhone. What are you going to do to keep this 10+ year customer on your network?

Wired: Sprint Teams Up With Google Voice

Google, Privacy, and You

It isn't that we shouldn't be doing things we don't want others to see, it's that perhaps we shouldn't be doing them all in one place, with a provider that tracks and correlates absolutely everything we do in our lives.

And some people worry about the cookies that are stored on their computer.

Rich Mogull: Google, Privacy, and You