Yes, Some Of Us Pay Attention

Got an e-mail message from someone I have—up until now—trusted, promoting a set of videos for the copywriting niche. The message was short and to the point, piquing my interest a little, but here's what he said about the sales letter for the product:

P.S. I know, the sales copy leaves a lot to be desired. You should have seen how bad it was before I did a quick edit on it!

Hey, some of us are paying attention here. If the sales copy for a copywriting product is bad, the product itself is undoubtedly worthless!

The Big IM Lie

Seth Godin says it better than I.

Internet Marketing Sins

Man, oh man! I am only 40 pages through Sylvie Fortin's new Internet Marketing Sins manifesto and I am sitting here thinking, "This girl has nailed it!" (Sylvie, by "girl" I mean, well... you know I mean no disrespect.) She's naming some of the worst tactics used in Internet marketing and calling them for what they are. I myself have called marketers who use these tactics "hacks."

Do yourself a favor: get this free e-book and promise me you'll never use these tactics—or fall prey to them.

The Value Revolution


Internet Marketing Made Simple -- The ONLY 3 Steps You Need To Know To Promote Anything To Anyone Online

The "Thhwwwpt" Factor

So I'm in good company. No less than Paul Myers himself has spoken up about "hacks":

Watch Out For The Hacks

Going right along with what I mentioned yesterday about hacks, here's some guidelines from Daniel Turner of PLRPro.com about spotting hacks: