Setting Timers with Siri

Setting Timers with Siri

This last week I happened across a feature in Siri that I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere else: setting timers. It’s as simple as saying something like “Set a five-minute timer” and Siri at once begins counting down.

Show my timer” will display the time remaining right within Siri, both digitally and on a horizontal scale, and “Cancel timer” will reset a running timer to its initial duration. Tapping the display takes you to the timer in the Clock app.

iOS 6

I jumped on iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S as soon as I could and I wanted to jot down some observations I’d not seen anywhere else:

App Store

We knew a visual overhaul of the App Store was coming and it really looks nice. I don’t like that I have to tap on each update to see what’s new, though. In iOS 5 and previous, several lines of update info were available without tapping.

Updating your apps doesn’t immediately dump you out of the App Store. Yay!

Update: Apps new to your device have a “New” banner until you launch them.

iOS Syncs in Background

I hadn't noticed this before, nor had I seen it mentioned anywhere else, but it appears that syncing your iOS device no longer prevents you from using it while the sync is happening.

2Do for iPhone

2Do for iPhoneJust picked up 2Do for my iPod Touch; this was a close race between 2Do and Todo, but in the end the latter won because of its slick interface.


After reading a Macworld column today, I rushed to the App Store to download a copy of RemoteTap for my iPod Touch. This app is very useful; essentially, it's a VPN client for your iPhone/iPod Touch that, with a companion preference pane on your Mac, makes it possible to remotely log in to your Mac, viewing and controlling it from a distance.