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My #1 Affiliate Marketing Secret

Once in a while I'm asked by an affiliate of mine why he or she isn't making any sales of $7 Secrets. Nine times out of 10, that affiliate is missing the one thing I believe every affiliate needs, no matter what product they're promoting: a website.

If you want to be successful marketing products as an affiliate, you need to have your own website—and promote those products from your website.

Here are several reasons why using your own website for promotion is so important:

Personal recommendation

Beginning the Big Unsubscribe

What I'm doing today is the antithesis of list building; it's what every online marketer hates: I'm unsubscribing from dozens of lists.

When I buy something online, I usually sign up to the offered mailing list. Sometimes I want product updates, sometimes I want to hear about related news. Most often I want to see how other marketers promote, so I can learn what (or what not) to do.

Better than Frank Kern?

You have two snippets of text to work with: your name and your subject line. Personally, I believe the most valuable of the two is your name.

Amidst today's onslaught of email messages promoting the latest "big thing" by a "guru", here's a refreshing article about getting your own email messages opened. It doesn't cost a dime.

Ryan Healy (via Markus Allen): 7 Tips to Get Your Email Opened

Should I Use a Squeeze Page on My Website?

I commented recently on two separate blog posts which touched on a common theme: "Should I use a squeeze form/popup on my website?" (Using the squeeze form before any additional information is shown.)

This question gets asked for two reasons, generally. One, the site owner/designer is concerned that their visitors will be put off by the form/popup and will leave the site. This is certainly a concern, as I know many people who will do just that. And the proliferation of pop-up/ad/image blocker plug-ins for web browsers shows that this is not an isolated sentiment.

Build a list or create a product?

Marlon Sanders, a contributor to my site, just sent out a message to his list, asking the question, "Which first? Build list or create product?" It's a great question, but I don't think he answered it adequately.

Let me see if I can help him.

Truth is, you need to be doing both. But which should you do first?

If you're starting from scratch—no product, no list—which do you choose to focus your energies on?

The problem is, if you're just starting out in Internet marketing, you don't have any credibility.

Butterfly Reports

Yesterday Mike Filsaime told me about a new project he's just released into beta, based on an idea that sounds vaguely familiar.

(You remember Mike Filsaime right? From Butterfly Marketing?)

Here's how he describes the project:

"... it has to do with

  • Using Free Reports to build a list.
  • Branding the reports with your ClickBank affiliate Links
  • Making money by giving away reports.
  • Or even making your own reports to drive traffic to your site."


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