Ames Supply

Ames Supply
I’ve been doing business with Ames Supply of Lisle (formerly of Downer’s Grove), Illinois, for 20 years. No more. Unlike many decisions like this, it took only one lousy customer experience to bring me to this point—but it was a doozy.

(This actually took place some time ago, but I was reminded to write about it when I ordered additional tools from someone else yesterday.)

The Unclickable Flash Settings Dialog

Much as I despise Flash for its crushing memory requirements and its tendency to crash any system I have, I do need to have Flash Player installed to view videos at various times. Usually that’s not a problem, since I also use ClickToPlugin to manage when and if Flash is loaded.

Ledesma Optometry

I broke my eyeglasses frames a couple weeks ago and immediately ordered a new pair from my regular optometrist, Ledesma Optometry in Redlands. I was told they would be in on Tuesday (this was a Friday) and that they would be covered under their free replacement policy. I called back on Tuesday, was told their courier would be in after 1:30. I called after 1:30, was told that I was given incorrect information: the frames would take as long as seven days to arrive. No problem—except that my backup glasses were several years old and not suitable for long-term wear.

Google+ Spam

Alex Albert is a spammer. I bought one product from him in 2007 and I've since unsubscribed from every list he's added me to. He keeps adding me to new lists and now he's added me to a circle (I presume) in Google+. And I'm getting his updates.

The problem is that I can't just unsubscribe from his spam updates. No, when I click on the unsubscribe link, the only options I have are to unsubscribe my address from all Google+ notifications or not. Seems like overkill.

iBooks Lost the Sale

Fanboy that I am, I still level the occasional criticism against Apple when I feel that it’s warranted. For example, I recently noticed that not only is it not possible to gift books (those that you’d read in iBooks on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), it’s not even possible to search for, preview, or purchase books in iTunes.

You can get a link to a book by using the Tell A Friend feature in iBooks, but attempting to use that link on anything but an iDevice will — when iTunes is launched — result in a message that the book is not available in the iTunes store.

Another Take on the Recession

Over last couple of weeks I've come to the conclusion that the economy can't possibly be as bad as the news would have us believe. Sure, there are industries and occupations that aren't doing as well as they once were, but there are obviously others that must be doing very well.

This month I needed to hire developers for two projects I'm working on. Project A is pretty specialized, so I contacted a half-dozen developers whose work has impressed me in the past. Of those six, three didn't bother to respond—for a job that could earn them five figures.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

It's little wonder that Internet Marketing has a bad name, when marketers—big name and otherwise—pull the stunts they do. Today I'm ticked off by those that either pay their affiliates late... or not at all.

Don't Be Bill

Yesterday I received an unsubscribe notification from my autoresponder, one of those messages that tells me a subscriber has left and gives me the reason if the subscriber has taken the time to let me know. I monitor those and, if someone takes the time to give me a reason, I take the time to respond.

Are You A Hack?

Marlon Sanders goes a little crazy today. The e-mailed article doesn't seem to be online, so I can't point you to it, but this one statement hit me:

Don't expect to buy 1 stupid product and become a pro. Guys and gals, this isn't about being a HACK and making money.

Frankly, I've been seeing a lot of hacks—and products from hacks—lately. Of course, I suppose that's nothing new. I've been seeing them for years. The problem is, I see marketers of all stripes promoting these products and I begin to lump these marketers in with the hacks.