The Holy Grail of Mail-to-PDF Conversion

The Holy Grail of Mail-to-PDF Conversion

Perhaps the title of this post is overblown, but I’ve long wanted to be able to automatically create PDFs from email messages and although I’ve searched high and low the solution has eluded me—until now.

OS X applications can create a PDF from a document when they’re printed, and Mail is no exception: simply choose File > Print when a message is selected and then choose Save as PDF… from the PDF menu in the lower right corner of the Print sheet.

Skitch 2.0 is a Disappointment

Skitch 2.0 is a Disappointment
For about 15 months, Skitch has been my “go to” app for taking and annotating static screenshots. I’m not sure why I stopped using LittleSnapper, other than I liked the arrows in Skitch better.

iOS 6

I jumped on iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S as soon as I could and I wanted to jot down some observations I’d not seen anywhere else:

App Store

We knew a visual overhaul of the App Store was coming and it really looks nice. I don’t like that I have to tap on each update to see what’s new, though. In iOS 5 and previous, several lines of update info were available without tapping.

Updating your apps doesn’t immediately dump you out of the App Store. Yay!

Update: Apps new to your device have a “New” banner until you launch them.

iOS Wallet Replacements

iOS Wallet Replacements
Some years ago I stopped wearing a watch, since my cell phone was (nearly) always with me for the purpose of telling time. With apps on my phone, I can also use it as an alarm clock, stop watch and timer.

Daylite 4 Not Ready for Market

Since the first of the year I’ve been managing my business in Daylite by Marketcircle. Even though I’ve owned the software for a number of years, I’ve found it much easier to continue using the home-grown solution I created using 4th Dimension. Unfortunately I’ve also found that I don’t have the time to program that solution with the new features I want or need—like mobile access to my business data.

How do I find out about WSOs?

If you're looking for the latest WSOs (Warrior Special Offers) on the Warrior Forum, going to the forum itself is often frustrating. For some reason WSOs are the only board that cannot be sorted; even if it could be, there's no apparent way to sort by thread start date instead of date of last post (comment). As a result, the threads at the top of the list aren't necessarily the newest offers.

Choosing a Personal Finance App (Part Two)

In August 2009, I abandoned my search for a personal finance app to replace Quicken, but have taken it up once again. With Quicken now unsupported on Lion—because Lion won’t run PowerPC apps and Quicken still hasn’t been updated for Intel Macs—it’s time to look again for something to take its place.

Looking back at the apps I’d started with two years ago, I found some immediate reasons to eliminate a few...

Choosing a Personal Finance App

I decided this week to get my older PowerMac G4 computer ready for my wife, to replace her even older PowerMac G3 desktop. Part of that involved installing Mac OS 10.5, which would move her from a Panther system to Leopard.

That meant I needed to find replacement for Quicken 2000, which we'd been running under Classic. Leopard doesn't support Classic, so I'd either need to upgrade to Quicken 2007 or find another personal finance app.


After reading a Macworld column today, I rushed to the App Store to download a copy of RemoteTap for my iPod Touch. This app is very useful; essentially, it's a VPN client for your iPhone/iPod Touch that, with a companion preference pane on your Mac, makes it possible to remotely log in to your Mac, viewing and controlling it from a distance.

Ever Profits Toolbar

When a subscriber (I'll call him Dan) told me the other day that he was requesting a refund for his purchase of Answer Analyst, a product from Jon Leger that I promote, because it was inferior to a free product he was using, I was intrigued. After all, even I like the best product at the best price.

Dan recommended the Ever Profits Toolbar; what follows is my response to him after I reviewed the software: