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Daylite Content Moved

Daylite Content Moved

Following my certification as [a Daylite Partner][partner], I have moved all of the content on this site related to Daylite to [a new site][dminsights].

Removing FeedBurner

Removing FeedBurner

In the wake of Google’s announcement that they are shutting down Google Reader, I have decided to remove support for FeedBurner, the service they purchased in 2007, from this site.

2011 Site Update

It's been a while (2007) since I made any major changes to the site, but—as you can see—the site looks a lot different now. The design is a custom theme that I'm sorry I purchased; first, because the theme wasn't as polished as it initially appeared to be and, second, because it's not compatible with Drupal 7 and would require a serious amount of rework to make it so. I'll likely start over with something like Omega and create a similar look.


Thanks to the torrent of spam comments that began today, I've changed the CAPTCHA method for anonymous comments from being simply math-based to a more difficult image code. Sorry for any frustration that causes, but even though anonymous comments are not immediately posted I still have to deal with a large queue. I may switch back once the spam subsides.

By the way, registered members get their comments posted immediately.

New Site, Expanded Focus

Today marks the transition of from a personal site to a personal/business site. As I become more involved in Internet Marketing, I'd like to have this site be the central location for all of my efforts and be the one place people can go to find out what I'm doing.