Crash Plan

I nearly freaked out today when—among the plethora of icons already in my menu bar—a new menu extra appeared. After all, I hadn't restarted my machine and (I thought) I hadn't installed any new software.

Fortunately, the icon was familiar and—after checking to be sure—I found that CrashPlan had updated itself overnight and a new feature was this menu item for controlling and monitoring backups.

Choosing a Personal Finance App (Part Two)

In August 2009, I abandoned my search for a personal finance app to replace Quicken, but have taken it up once again. With Quicken now unsupported on Lion—because Lion won’t run PowerPC apps and Quicken still hasn’t been updated for Intel Macs—it’s time to look again for something to take its place.

Looking back at the apps I’d started with two years ago, I found some immediate reasons to eliminate a few...

Link Checkers

While preparing a quote for a client to convert their static web site to Drupal, I wanted to make sure that I knew how many pages the site spanned. Normally that's an easy task, but their previous webmaster did little in the way of organization, leaving dozens of old files littering the hosting account.

Mac App Store Update Issues

Apple, normally very meticulous in their hardware and software design, has failed their users in notifications of updates in the Mac App Store. Unlike the iOS App Store, users aren't notified of updates to installed apps until the App Store is launched. Bad enough. At that point, the App Store's Dock icon shows the number of pending updates.

Password Reuse

Password Reuse

The sad thing is that there's an easy way to fix this.

Agile Web Solutions: xkcd Hits Nail on Head

2Do for iPhone

2Do for iPhoneJust picked up 2Do for my iPod Touch; this was a close race between 2Do and Todo, but in the end the latter won because of its slick interface.

Choosing a Personal Finance App

I decided this week to get my older PowerMac G4 computer ready for my wife, to replace her even older PowerMac G3 desktop. Part of that involved installing Mac OS 10.5, which would move her from a Panther system to Leopard.

That meant I needed to find replacement for Quicken 2000, which we'd been running under Classic. Leopard doesn't support Classic, so I'd either need to upgrade to Quicken 2007 or find another personal finance app.

Boxing Windows 7

I had the opportunity to download Windows 7 Ultimate this weekend and install it on my Mac. You might not be aware that Microsoft is offering to let you try Windows 7 for an entire year for free; the Release Candidate is about as close to the real thing as we're going to get until October and won't expire until June 1, 2010.


After reading a Macworld column today, I rushed to the App Store to download a copy of RemoteTap for my iPod Touch. This app is very useful; essentially, it's a VPN client for your iPhone/iPod Touch that, with a companion preference pane on your Mac, makes it possible to remotely log in to your Mac, viewing and controlling it from a distance.

Ever Profits Toolbar

When a subscriber (I'll call him Dan) told me the other day that he was requesting a refund for his purchase of Answer Analyst, a product from Jon Leger that I promote, because it was inferior to a free product he was using, I was intrigued. After all, even I like the best product at the best price.

Dan recommended the Ever Profits Toolbar; what follows is my response to him after I reviewed the software: