Why You Need a New Support System

It doesn't matter what type of online business you're in: it's important that your customers and prospects be able to contact you. Whether they're needing information or a problem to be solved, they want to know that they can reach you.

However, it's become quite clear that e-mail is unreliable. Not because e-mail is broken, but because many Internet Service Providers (ISPs)—AOL, Comcast, Hotmail and Yahoo are the worst—are blocking messages they believe are spam.

Save Time (and Money) on Your Product Research

When you think about what subject to write about (talk about. etc.) for your information product, I don't blame you for being a little overwhelmed. You might be thinking,

"I'm not an expert!"

The good news is, you don't have to be an expert!

The fact of the matter is, the Internet has made it possible for your prospects to find information—in depth—on just about any subject you can imagine. For free.

Except they're probably going to have to put a lot of time into getting all that information together...

Four Twitter Clients for the iPod touch

Did I mention I got an iPod touch for Christmas? Actually, I got an Apple gift card and I hustled down to the the Apple Store the next day to spend it all.

FTB Updated Again

Following on to my previous post about Free Traffic Bar, after receiving an update notification today in the News component, I updated the toolbar. (I'm not sure why there are two similar commands for getting the latest version or why they're not simply using the extensions updater in Firefox, though.)

FTB Updated for Firefox 3

Free Trafic Bar was updated this past weekend, most importantly (for me) adding compatibility for Firefox 3. I had put off upgrading to FF3 until more extensions were updated; I bit the bullet this weekend before I found out about the FTB update and so far I have mixed feelings about Firefox 3. But this post is about FTB...

How Do You Build Your Site?

While completing an install of the $7 Secrets software for a client this last week (yes, part of it while I was on vacation), the question came up about how to create and/or edit web pages, particularly the templates that come with 7DSS.

Psychic Sales Letters?

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll remember me telling you about Eben Pagan. Better known under his pseudonym, David DeAngelo, Eben is making waves in the info marketing world as he communicates what made him successful—to the tune of $20M/year—as a dating guru.

I just watched a video where Eben shares how to create successful sales letters; here's what I took from it:

Your Membership Site Software Recommendations?

Christmas is coming up quickly and I always find myself busy at this time of year. For the last week I've been in rehearsals for and performances of my church's annual Christmas production, so my time spent on Internet marketing has been rather limited.

With so little time to invest, it's interesting that quite a bit of that time was spent on investigating membership site software. Not only have I got a project that I'm working on in that area, but I received not one, but four requests this week for a recommendation for membership site software.

All the Sales Letters You Could Want

Back in October, I let you know about a new software toolkit to help you create profit-pulling sales letters for your products that use the $7 Secrets scripts. My friend, Jorge Sampson, offered a great deal on Cash Copy Generator and a number of you took him up on that.

The Big Kahuna in Finding Blog Juice

Several weeks ago, I let you know about the One Dollar Ideas concept that Jon Leger introduced. The latest of those ideas is a short (3 minute) video that demonstrates how to build a list of Wordpress blogs in your niche. You'd want to use this to post comments that increase your search engine ranking and lead to more traffic for your site.