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How to Go From Being a Consumer of Internet Marketing Info Products to Being a Producer and A Promoter of Products

Today’s the day, you know.

The day the magic bullet ends.

I’m not here to sugar coat things, to candy coat this business and sell you sandcastles, dreams and illusions of an easy life that doesn’t exist.

Here’s the truth:

The money is in producing and promoting products, not in consuming "how to" info products.

Having said that, last year I spent $37,500 consuming ebooks, courses, teleseminars and so forth on marketing.

In other words, I am a consumer.

Take Action!

One of the great things about running help desk software is getting support tickets that serve as fodder for my blog posts. Tickets like this one are not common, but probably represent a number of buyers of Internet marketing products who haven't yet taken the steps necessary for success:

Watch Out For The Hacks

Going right along with what I mentioned yesterday about hacks, here's some guidelines from Daniel Turner of PLRPro.com about spotting hacks: