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Should I Use a Squeeze Page on My Website?

I commented recently on two separate blog posts which touched on a common theme: "Should I use a squeeze form/popup on my website?" (Using the squeeze form before any additional information is shown.)

This question gets asked for two reasons, generally. One, the site owner/designer is concerned that their visitors will be put off by the form/popup and will leave the site. This is certainly a concern, as I know many people who will do just that. And the proliferation of pop-up/ad/image blocker plug-ins for web browsers shows that this is not an isolated sentiment.

VisiOlo Public Beta

Here's a quick note about a very narrow window of opportunity for the right group of infopreneurs.

A buddy of mine is opening up a public beta period for a new tool he's been working on. The project has been going well (I've been in the private beta for the last few months) and he's needing a larger group of users to take the tool to the next level.

A successful beta test candidate will: