Traffic generation

FTB Updated Again

Following on to my previous post about Free Traffic Bar, after receiving an update notification today in the News component, I updated the toolbar. (I'm not sure why there are two similar commands for getting the latest version or why they're not simply using the extensions updater in Firefox, though.)

FTB Updated for Firefox 3

Free Trafic Bar was updated this past weekend, most importantly (for me) adding compatibility for Firefox 3. I had put off upgrading to FF3 until more extensions were updated; I bit the bullet this weekend before I found out about the FTB update and so far I have mixed feelings about Firefox 3. But this post is about FTB...

The Big Kahuna in Finding Blog Juice

Several weeks ago, I let you know about the One Dollar Ideas concept that Jon Leger introduced. The latest of those ideas is a short (3 minute) video that demonstrates how to build a list of Wordpress blogs in your niche. You'd want to use this to post comments that increase your search engine ranking and lead to more traffic for your site.