Tips to Get Me to Follow You on Twitter

Over the last few days I've added relatively quite a few more followers to my Twitter timeline. Some of that is, hopefully, because people actually find me interesting. And I hope I don't fail them. Some of the followers come naturally as I follow more people and they reciprocate, or their followers come across my tweets. Other followers try to game Twitter by adding massive numbers of friends only to spam them and, as I've been pleased to see, are deactivated by Twitter.

Four Twitter Clients for the iPod touch

Did I mention I got an iPod touch for Christmas? Actually, I got an Apple gift card and I hustled down to the the Apple Store the next day to spend it all.

Twittering Away

By the way, I recently signed up for Twitter (yes, I know, it's about time) and I twittered (tweeted? What's the correct verb?) throughout the seminar as I found interesting quotes. You can follow me here.