Website building

cPanel Password Syncing

While making some server  changes and resetting some passwords (making them more secure), I ran across an issue where I couldn't log into phpMyAdmin -- even though I was already logged into cPanel.

Link Checkers

While preparing a quote for a client to convert their static web site to Drupal, I wanted to make sure that I knew how many pages the site spanned. Normally that's an easy task, but their previous webmaster did little in the way of organization, leaving dozens of old files littering the hosting account.

Backordering Domains

I was going through some old email messages yesterday when I came across a conversation from two-and-a-half years ago:

Me: "Is [domain] for sale? I have a client who may be interested in purchasing the domain at the right price."

(I was attempting to purchase the domain for my own use.)

Other person: "Not really. Had some ideas to develop the domain. I am always willing to consider a good offer though."

Me: "Thanks, ____. My client has authorized me to offer $300. Let me know."

A Sneaky Domain Parking Trick

While making a server change today, I was reminded of a trick that I used back when getting a shared hosting account with unlimited domains was unheard of and add-on domains used to cost an additional monthly fee.

Athough there was a charge for more than one "active" domain on the account, my hosting company didn't charge for parked domains. And I figured out a way to get those parked domains to act just like add-on domains.

The "trick" involves using mod_rewrite to redirect the incoming request to the appropriate directory, by adding this to your root .htaccess file:

Transferring Domains

Domain Name Registration

I'm finally getting around to transferring domains away from my long-time registrar, Dotster. I'm not exactly sure when I started using them to register my domains (April 2000?), but I believe they were my second-ever registrar, after Network Solutions.

Great Hosting Service

I spent about 90 minutes on live chat with Host Gator today, trying to track down an inability to connect to my MySQL databases using a desktop application. (I use NaviCat, which makes accessing a database much quicker than using phpMyAdmin.) I was reminded again of why I like and recommend this web host.

How Do You Build Your Site?

While completing an install of the $7 Secrets software for a client this last week (yes, part of it while I was on vacation), the question came up about how to create and/or edit web pages, particularly the templates that come with 7DSS.

What's Your Privacy Policy?

Last year I raised funds for a national organization that helps premature babies and their families. Online fundraising is becoming more popular and this organization allows you to create an online profile; accept pledges and donations; check your fundraising goal; and print pledge forms.