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Thanks to the torrent of spam comments that began today, I've changed the CAPTCHA method for anonymous comments from being simply math-based to a more difficult image code. Sorry for any frustration that causes, but even though anonymous comments are not immediately posted I still have to deal with a large queue. I may switch back once the spam subsides.

By the way, registered members get their comments posted immediately.

Facebook as an Investigative Tool

I had reason today to use one of those "people search" websites you've probably seen from time to time. I was wanting to find out who the owner of a particular AOL address was, so I Googled the address. Although the address didn't come up in the search listings, two paid ads for search services came up and I took my chances with one of them.

Signing PDFs

When people talk about signing PDFs, they can mean two things: attaching a digital signature to the file or placing a graphic representation of their signature on the document. Often what people really want to do is the latter.

Econ 101: Should Be Required For Journalists

The demand for the Apple (AAPL) iPad may be like the iPhone and iPod...Apple may have to quickly cut prices the way that it did with the iPhone to keep consumer interest in the iPad high.

Apparently the law of supply and demand is lost on this guy.

Douglas A. McIntyre: Demand For Apple iPad May Be Higher Than Expected

Early iPad delivery?

Apple iPadDon't know if it means they're shipping, but I was charged for my iPad 3G today. Apple's site still shows a late April delivery date. It won't be too soon for me!

[Update 3/27/2010: False alarm—they must have just been checking the credit card. The authorization expired.]

[Update 4/29/2010: Now it's coming—I just received a shipping notification!]

Better than Frank Kern?

You have two snippets of text to work with: your name and your subject line. Personally, I believe the most valuable of the two is your name.

Amidst today's onslaught of email messages promoting the latest "big thing" by a "guru", here's a refreshing article about getting your own email messages opened. It doesn't cost a dime.

Ryan Healy (via Markus Allen): 7 Tips to Get Your Email Opened

Google, Privacy, and You

It isn't that we shouldn't be doing things we don't want others to see, it's that perhaps we shouldn't be doing them all in one place, with a provider that tracks and correlates absolutely everything we do in our lives.

And some people worry about the cookies that are stored on their computer.

Rich Mogull: Google, Privacy, and You

Google DNS

I've been using OpenDNS for some time now, mainly for faster DNS queries which result in faster website connect times. Something that's annoyed me, though, is that OpenDNS always shows, for example, "Did you mean ''" when I type just "donmorris" in my browser's location bar. Seems like they could figure that out, but instead they want to show me a bunch of ads whenever I don't provide the TLD (.com, .net, etc.).

2Do for iPhone

2Do for iPhoneJust picked up 2Do for my iPod Touch; this was a close race between 2Do and Todo, but in the end the latter won because of its slick interface.

Stupid Journalist Question of the Day

Apple keeps pushing back the launch date [of the Apple tablet]—what does this tell us?

Excuse me, but Apple hasn’t announced a tablet, let alone a launch date for one.

Another Take on the Recession

Over last couple of weeks I've come to the conclusion that the economy can't possibly be as bad as the news would have us believe. Sure, there are industries and occupations that aren't doing as well as they once were, but there are obviously others that must be doing very well.

This month I needed to hire developers for two projects I'm working on. Project A is pretty specialized, so I contacted a half-dozen developers whose work has impressed me in the past. Of those six, three didn't bother to respond—for a job that could earn them five figures.