Should I Use a Squeeze Page on My Website?

I commented recently on two separate blog posts which touched on a common theme: "Should I use a squeeze form/popup on my website?" (Using the squeeze form before any additional information is shown.)

This question gets asked for two reasons, generally. One, the site owner/designer is concerned that their visitors will be put off by the form/popup and will leave the site. This is certainly a concern, as I know many people who will do just that. And the proliferation of pop-up/ad/image blocker plug-ins for web browsers shows that this is not an isolated sentiment.

Tips to Get Me to Follow You on Twitter

Over the last few days I've added relatively quite a few more followers to my Twitter timeline. Some of that is, hopefully, because people actually find me interesting. And I hope I don't fail them. Some of the followers come naturally as I follow more people and they reciprocate, or their followers come across my tweets. Other followers try to game Twitter by adding massive numbers of friends only to spam them and, as I've been pleased to see, are deactivated by Twitter.

Four Twitter Clients for the iPod touch

Did I mention I got an iPod touch for Christmas? Actually, I got an Apple gift card and I hustled down to the the Apple Store the next day to spend it all.

Cattle Call for IM Weekly Roundup

It's official: the site supporting my Internet marketing resource newsletter, Internet Marketing Weekly Roundup, is open for business. will corral the weekly issues, which promote five or more resources that are free to use and will help Internet marketers in running their business. The resources run from newsletters to web services, from training to desktop applications, all with one thing in common: there's no charge for them.

Installation Guide Updated for 7DSS 2.8

Well, it's been a long time coming... and now the completely-revised, new-and-improved $7 Secrets Scripts Installation Guide has been released.

Updated for 7DSS version 2.8, the guide attempts to make it much easier to get started with the software used by thousands of Internet marketers to quickly bring their information products to market.

You can read more about it here or simply download it from the link in the $7 Secrets report.

$7 Secrets Still Relevant

How do I know that $7 Secrets is still relevant after nearly two years? The copycats come out.

I Must Be Lying

Yes, there does seem to be a downturn in the economy, at least by looking at certain indicators. However, I must take issue with the commentary recently published by a fellow marketer:

Any IMer that doesn't admit that the current economic conditions have cut deeply into their sales are simply not being truthful.

So I must be lying when I say

Aunt Jeanie's Mexican Fudge

For me, the memories of Christmas include the tastes of the season. That’s why I make some of my Christmas favorites every year as we do our holiday baking.

One of those that I remember is my Aunt Jeanie’s Mexican Fudge. I used to attempt to gorge myself on it each year when we all met at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Christmas. (Aunt Jeanie also introduced me to Dr. Pepper, but that’s a different story.) There’s definitely a "different" taste to it due to the cinnamon.

VisiOlo Public Beta

Here's a quick note about a very narrow window of opportunity for the right group of infopreneurs.

A buddy of mine is opening up a public beta period for a new tool he's been working on. The project has been going well (I've been in the private beta for the last few months) and he's needing a larger group of users to take the tool to the next level.

A successful beta test candidate will:

What are you thankful for?

Today marks Thanksgiving in the United States, and I'm writing this to remind you to take some time to reflect on the things you have to be thankful for.

Regardless of economic troubles or individual circumstances, each of us can be thankful for the life God has given us. And family and friends, either close by or across the world, are always a source of gratitude.

Thank you for the trust you've given me, shown by being on my list or reading my blog. I'm very grateful for that.

Yes, Some Of Us Pay Attention

Got an e-mail message from someone I have—up until now—trusted, promoting a set of videos for the copywriting niche. The message was short and to the point, piquing my interest a little, but here's what he said about the sales letter for the product:

P.S. I know, the sales copy leaves a lot to be desired. You should have seen how bad it was before I did a quick edit on it!

Hey, some of us are paying attention here. If the sales copy for a copywriting product is bad, the product itself is undoubtedly worthless!

The Big IM Lie

Seth Godin says it better than I.