What is an OTO?

In a sales process, a One-Time Offer (OTO) is an offer shown to your customer after they have reached a goal you have set. Usually the goal is either the purchase of your product or opting-in to your list.

Build a list or create a product?

Marlon Sanders, a contributor to my site, just sent out a message to his list, asking the question, "Which first? Build list or create product?" It's a great question, but I don't think he answered it adequately.

Let me see if I can help him.

Truth is, you need to be doing both. But which should you do first?

If you're starting from scratch—no product, no list—which do you choose to focus your energies on?

The problem is, if you're just starting out in Internet marketing, you don't have any credibility.

How to Go From Being a Consumer of Internet Marketing Info Products to Being a Producer and A Promoter of Products

Today’s the day, you know.

The day the magic bullet ends.

I’m not here to sugar coat things, to candy coat this business and sell you sandcastles, dreams and illusions of an easy life that doesn’t exist.

Here’s the truth:

The money is in producing and promoting products, not in consuming "how to" info products.

Having said that, last year I spent $37,500 consuming ebooks, courses, teleseminars and so forth on marketing.

In other words, I am a consumer.

Ignoring Sunk Costs

One of the toughest lessons for me to learn in life is that of ignoring "sunk costs." Sunk costs are costs that have been incurred and which cannot be recovered to any significant degree. As applied to me, sunk costs are money, time, effort, etc. I have spent in the past that can no longer be recouped.

To ignore those sunk costs means to set aside the thought that "I've spent so much money" or "so much time" on acquiring something material or developing a project, because oftentimes those thoughts cause me to hold onto what I have to my own detriment.

Internet Marketing Sins

Man, oh man! I am only 40 pages through Sylvie Fortin's new Internet Marketing Sins manifesto and I am sitting here thinking, "This girl has nailed it!" (Sylvie, by "girl" I mean, well... you know I mean no disrespect.) She's naming some of the worst tactics used in Internet marketing and calling them for what they are. I myself have called marketers who use these tactics "hacks."

Do yourself a favor: get this free e-book and promise me you'll never use these tactics—or fall prey to them.

Great Hosting Service

I spent about 90 minutes on live chat with Host Gator today, trying to track down an inability to connect to my MySQL databases using a desktop application. (I use NaviCat, which makes accessing a database much quicker than using phpMyAdmin.) I was reminded again of why I like and recommend this web host.

New Time to Stump Markus

In case you're not on Markus Allen's notification list, I wanted to let you know that this week's Stump Markus live podcast will be a little later in the day. He's testing a new time to see if more people are able to attend.

Review Crusher

So Mike Filsaime's Review Crusher came out today, or, more accurately, was to come out today but was pre-released 4 days ago. (I'm not sure what kind of strategy Mike had in mind there or how successful it was.) The offer is now on hold. Several (okay, 87) refunded copies are still available; he says he won't be selling any more. [Update: as of July 29, the offer is again active.]

My Step-by-Step Process to $3000 in Two Weeks

[This article originally appeared on The Warrior Forum. -- Don]

Hi fellow Warriors,

I was going to write a mini report on this, and sell it as a WSO, but decided, rather, to give it back to this community.

I'm Running for President!

Please watch this video and join my campaign:

Bill Bartmann and Borrowing Money

Bill Bartmann, once ranked #25 of the wealthiest Americans, spoke to us first on Friday on the topic of "How to Borrow All the Money Your Business Needs." Before he got to that, though, he had these thoughts on being successful:

"The only opinion of you that matters is your own."

"You have to learn to forgive"—those who did something, those who did nothing, and yourself.

"Everything in life is a choice. Choose wisely."

"Invest in yourself."

Twittering Away

By the way, I recently signed up for Twitter (yes, I know, it's about time) and I twittered (tweeted? What's the correct verb?) throughout the seminar as I found interesting quotes. You can follow me here.