Seattle Sights

Well, maybe I won't put on the pounds so quickly when I've spent the last two days doing so much walking. When we looked at where the sights were, we decided to forego a car and just walk and use public transportation.

We looked online and found a couple walking tours. Both started at the Space Needle, but we unfortunately couldn't get reservations for lunch or dinner at the SkyCity restaurant. Busy place!

Seattle Dining

Speaking of dining, we've enjoyed very much the food we've had so far. Last night we ate Asian cuisine at Dragonfish, just a block down the street. Asparagus beef, carmel ginger chicken, Jasmine rice—it was all very tasty, and we managed to use chopsticks without flinging food everywhere. We had the leftovers for breakfast this morning (oh, Cara was very impressed that the restaurant labeled the to-go containers with the date).

The Camlin the bus ride, however, things were looking up. It was a short, four-block walk to our hotel, the Camlin.

Built in 1926 and recently (2005) remodeled, the hotel is across the street from the Washington State Convention Center and the Paramount Theater. We found everything very accessible to us, from dining to shopping to entertainment.

Seattle 2008

Seattle Well, we made it to Seattle! We're here to start off our summer vacation. Actually, Cara's just rounding out her summer vacation; she'll have to start school as sson as we return.

Please don't use the number $7 anymore

Got a support ticket today from Pepe, with the subject you see above:

Am so so tired. Everything in marketing has a price that ends with $7. It's too much!!!

Tell me, Pepe, when was the last time you walked into your local department store and complained because all the prices ended in ".99" or ".95"? I'm guessing you'll be complaining next year when marketers are using "8" instead.

Psychic Sales Letters?

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll remember me telling you about Eben Pagan. Better known under his pseudonym, David DeAngelo, Eben is making waves in the info marketing world as he communicates what made him successful—to the tune of $20M/year—as a dating guru.

I just watched a video where Eben shares how to create successful sales letters; here's what I took from it:

Mapping Your Marketing Strategy

As I "talk" with buyers of $7 Secrets, I find that many of them just don't fully comprehend the process of developing a system for promoting, selling, and distributing an information product. This is particularly evident when I buy their products and I find they...

What is Your Niche?

When Internet marketers talk about their business, they often use the term "niche marketing." What is a niche -- and how do you find yours?

A niche is a distinct segment of a market, a special area of demand for a product or service. To find yours, ask yourself these questions:

"What do I know about?"
"What are my interests?"
"What can I share with people?"

Using Multiple Sales Pages with $7 Secrets Scripts

$7 Secrets Scripts user Andrew Cavanagh wanted to know how to have multiple sales pages, each targeting a different audience, but all using the same order process and—more importantly—paying the referring affiliate. No problem.

(7DSS offers rudimentary split-page/conversion testing, but that’s different than what I’ll discuss here.)

Free Lunch Thursdays

Think there's no free lunch? Well, okay, there may be no such thing, but there is a free service where you can get your marketing questions answered -- live and personally. Let me explain...

I've known Markus Allen for 6 or seven years, ever since he began publishing his Marketing Tip of the Day. Those tips were the fuel for the beginning of my Internet marketing career, as Markus taught me how to do everything from building a profitable website to using an autoresponder effectively to writing headlines and other copy.

Legendary Marketers and International Models

Are you using video on your website? Have you really given thought to how you're going to deliver that video—and the consequences of using free sites to host the video?

Video is bandwidth-heavy, so I can't fault you for off-loading that content to a service that serves it up for free. But, as your grandfather said, "there ain't no free lunch." Services like YouTube are in business to make money and to make money they need to keep you on their site. Often they'll do that by showing additional content that's available for your viewing pleasure.

Butterfly Reports

Yesterday Mike Filsaime told me about a new project he's just released into beta, based on an idea that sounds vaguely familiar.

(You remember Mike Filsaime right? From Butterfly Marketing?)

Here's how he describes the project:

"... it has to do with

  • Using Free Reports to build a list.
  • Branding the reports with your ClickBank affiliate Links
  • Making money by giving away reports.
  • Or even making your own reports to drive traffic to your site."