What's Your Privacy Policy?

Last year I raised funds for a national organization that helps premature babies and their families. Online fundraising is becoming more popular and this organization allows you to create an online profile; accept pledges and donations; check your fundraising goal; and print pledge forms.

Making Toast

Seth Godin writes today about his new toaster, wondering why it takes 10 steps to accomplish what most toasters do in two:

The opportunity online is to fix your toaster. When you want to make toast, the site should get out of the way and let you make toast.

The Value Revolution


Internet Marketing Made Simple -- The ONLY 3 Steps You Need To Know To Promote Anything To Anyone Online

What's in a word?

You've heard this humorous saying, I'm sure:

"Open the dictionary to _______ and you'll see his picture."

Well, what if you could open the dictionary to _______ and see your website? What word would you redefine with your website? That's exactly what The Big Word Project allows you to do.

I spent way too much time on this site today, picking out words that fit my brand. Here's just one that I chose: seven (gee, I wonder why? :)

The Geek Tour

I admit it: I'm a home-body. I don't much like to go out, much less travel. Much of that's probably because I dislike being away from my computer and an Internet connection, but it's also because I don't want to miss my responsibilities at church.

But my beautiful wife likes to leave town once in a while and she's really good at coming up with ways to entice me to do her bidding. For our honeymoon we took a Meixco cruise, but not just any cruise: it was a Geek Cuise, with all sorts of classes while we were out to sea.

The City by the Bay

Cara and I are in San Francisco, celebrating our second anniversay. We're staying in what used to be the Hotel Juliana, originally built in 1908, on the Nob Hill side of Union Square. This European-style hotel was reportedly a favorite of actress Ingrid Bergman.

7DollarSecrets.com down for maintenance

Last weekend the hard drive hosting 7dollarsecrets.com decided to start giving problems, so a backup drive and a replacement drive were scheduled to be installed.

I didn't find out in time to let you know that the work was being done yesterday and the site would be down for a couple hours. And I figured that by the time I got back to the office and sent you a message the site would be up anyway.

At least, that was the plan.

Then Murphy stepped in.

Eric and the Mile High Orchestra

Eric on-stage with DMHO Oh, this was fun! My best friend, Eric, played bass trombone with DMHO tonight at a concert they gave in Loma Linda. That's him on the far left; Denver's on the far right (I got to meet him!). Kenn Hughes, third from the left, called Eric and invited him to play when he realized the band would be in the area.

DMHO, as you may recall, took third place in Fox's The Next Great American Band last fall.

7DollarSecrets.com Hit By Hard Drive Trouble

It was a bit nerve-wracking when I found 7dollarsecrets.com displaying a blank page today, particularly when I could FTP in and also get in to my control panel. What could be wrong?

Well, it turned out that the hard drive containing the site at the hosting provider was beginning to fail and the drive locked itself into read-only mode as a failsafe. Since the script couldn't write data, it was timing out and displaying a blank page.

Network Solutions at It Again

Remeniscent of their previous tactics, Network Solutions has been engaging in a practice known as "front-running" domain names. When someone uses their whois service to look up a domain name (to see if it's available), Network Solutions immediately registers that domain name, making it inaccessible to those using a competing registrar to obtain the domain name.

$7 Secrets Affiliate Contest

In case you didn't know, there's an anniversary coming up: the 1 year anniversary of $7 Secrets!

To celebrate, I'm initiating a contest for the people that have made $7 Secrets so successful, the affiliates who have promoted the report over the last year.

The only thing you need to do is continue doing what you've been doing, and that's promoting $7 Secrets through your affiliate link. On January 31, the anniversary of $7 Secrets, I'll announce the winner -- the affiliate who has sold the most copies of the report during the month of January 2008.

Counting My Lucky Stars Tonight

I used to listen to country music back in the '70s, until I switched to Top 40 in the '80s. So I guess it's not that unusual that I'd be drawn in by not one, but two songs of that genre I heard on Cold Case tonight.