Version 2.8 of $7 Secrets Scripts is in beta testing

Hey, folks! Version 2.8 of the $7 Secrets scripts (7DSS) is now in beta. You can download 2.8b2 (2.8b1 was a limited, private beta) from the usual place (see page 27 in the report).

While this version has been in use on for the past several weeks with no problems, it has not had wide testing and it is a beta. There may be bugs and there will certainly be changes before the final release. I don't recommend using it on a production site. All that being said, I don't anticipate any problems and would appreciate your help in testing.

Your Membership Site Software Recommendations?

Christmas is coming up quickly and I always find myself busy at this time of year. For the last week I've been in rehearsals for and performances of my church's annual Christmas production, so my time spent on Internet marketing has been rather limited.

With so little time to invest, it's interesting that quite a bit of that time was spent on investigating membership site software. Not only have I got a project that I'm working on in that area, but I received not one, but four requests this week for a recommendation for membership site software.

Are You Being Understood? Really?

Whether we're writing copy for a sales letter or answering support messages, Internet marketers need to be understood. Without direct human intereraction, it's very easy to write in such a way that confuses, distracts, misleads, or downright offends.

I've posted a new article by Dr. Loren Ekroth on the subject of e-mail conversation problems. Besides helping me vent about the support messages I get, it prompts me to remember how to write when I'm conversing by e-mail.

Have Email Conversation Problems?

Email sometimes replaces other modes of communication like phoning or face-to-face conversation as the method of choice. It's quick, it's easy, it's a-synchronous. One click of the send button, and out goes your message. Mission accomplished!

But is your mission really accomplished? As it turns out (and as has been discovered by recent research) email conversations can have some significant downsides.

Secret Classroom: Still a Secret?

So, the biggest thing hitting the Internet today is Joel Comm's Secret Classroom. To be honest, I wouldn't even be giving all of the messages flooding my inbox today a second look, except that Jon Leger's promotion of this product is rather unique.

It seems Jon is giving away any profits he earns from promoting Secret Classroom; you can read why if you visit the link above (and you might get some of the moolah he's giving away).

I came, I saw... I wasn't impressed.

All the Sales Letters You Could Want

Back in October, I let you know about a new software toolkit to help you create profit-pulling sales letters for your products that use the $7 Secrets scripts. My friend, Jorge Sampson, offered a great deal on Cash Copy Generator and a number of you took him up on that.

The Big Kahuna in Finding Blog Juice

Several weeks ago, I let you know about the One Dollar Ideas concept that Jon Leger introduced. The latest of those ideas is a short (3 minute) video that demonstrates how to build a list of Wordpress blogs in your niche. You'd want to use this to post comments that increase your search engine ranking and lead to more traffic for your site.

O Tannenbaum

Today Cara and I put up our Christmas tree. Although traditionally our extended family puts up Christmas decorations the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, we usually get our tree the following week. (Cara's mother and dad and sister and brother-in-law put up fake trees; I refuse to go along with that tradition.)

What are Resale Rights/Private Label Rights Products?

In a nutshell, products with resale rights are products that you've acquired with the right to resell them. Often they come with all the promotional materials you need to promote them: sales page, graphics, etc. Sometimes you can resell the resale rights to others; those are usually called Master Resale Rights.

However, these rights don't allow you to change the product or remove the author's name. For that, you need Private Label Rights. With PLR products, you can make small changes or wholesale edits to the product, and can even put your name on it and claim it as your own.

Conversion Magic Audio

The Conversion Magic teleseminar was a success! I was a bit nervous, never having hosted a teleseminar/webcast before, but (fortunately) Rob Toth was the main event.

There was a slight hitch, in that my sound level was quite low, even when I switched lines, but again, it wasn't about me. Other than that, the audio is clear and, as of moments after the event, is available from the link above.

"Conversion Magic" Teleseminar

There's a teleseminar I'm hosting on Thursday evening that I'd love to have you dialed into. It's called "Conversion Magic: Same Traffic. More Money" and it's presented by Rob Toth, an accomplished marketer of Internet-based information products.

Want some solid advice on how to increase your profits without increasing your traffic? Even if you don't have a product? So do I. So join us on Thursday, November 15, at 6:00pm Pacific.

Crazy Alex is at it again!

Please don't tell him I called him that! I think he's crazy because he keeps doing something totally insane like giving away his hard work.