$1 Works, Too

One misconception some people have about the $7 Secrets scripts is that you have to sell you products for $7. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

You can use the scripts to sell your products for any price you want!

I was talking with someone yesterday who's doing very well with a $97 product, sold through the scripts. Then there's the other extreme...

California Burning

It’s funny how people outside of California think that the whole of our state is burning, although I suppose it’s not unusual when the TV news channels are covering the fires 24/7.

Several relatives have asked me where we are in relation to the fires; I’ve created this Google Map to show the area:

The Next Great American Band

A friend of a friend of mine plays with Denver & The Mile High Orchestra, the big band who made the cut as a semi-finalist on Fox's The Next Great American Band. Watch the show with me on Fridays and vote for them!

3 Tips to Increase Holiday Sales

Good morning! Well, it's morning here in Southern California. :-)

Fall has finally come, nearly a month late, and we're enjoying the cooler temperatures that come with the change of the season. Fall is my favorite season, mostly because of the cool (but not cold) weather, but also because of the change of color in the foliage. The trees (at least some of them) change from greens to reds and oranges and golds, as if to alert us that the holidays are coming.

Are You Suffering From Writer's Block?

Hey, folks! Six months ago when I first got my hands on $7 Secrets I was really gung-ho and ready to start using the things I learned to bring out my own products. I got started installing the scripts and creating my first product, but I was brought up short when I realized one thing:

I had no idea how to write a compelling sales letter!

The "Thhwwwpt" Factor

So I'm in good company. No less than Paul Myers himself has spoken up about "hacks":

Watch Out For The Hacks

Going right along with what I mentioned yesterday about hacks, here's some guidelines from Daniel Turner of PLRPro.com about spotting hacks:

Are You A Hack?

Marlon Sanders goes a little crazy today. The e-mailed article doesn't seem to be online, so I can't point you to it, but this one statement hit me:

Don't expect to buy 1 stupid product and become a pro. Guys and gals, this isn't about being a HACK and making money.

Frankly, I've been seeing a lot of hacks—and products from hacks—lately. Of course, I suppose that's nothing new. I've been seeing them for years. The problem is, I see marketers of all stripes promoting these products and I begin to lump these marketers in with the hacks.

20 Ways to $100 a Day

I've let some of you know in the past about Daily Marketing Ace, my favorite "Tip of the Day" site and a resource that rivals Markus Allen's now-defunct "Marketing Tip of the Day." Hardly a day goes by that I don't get something from the marketing mavens that write each tip.

The IM Myth Exposed

A couple days ago I let most of you know about a new, free report called The IM Myth, in which Russell Bronson talks (well, writes, actually) about using offline techniques to drive your online business. (I think the report is still available.)

New Site, Expanded Focus

Today marks the transition of DonMorris.com from a personal site to a personal/business site. As I become more involved in Internet Marketing, I'd like to have this site be the central location for all of my efforts and be the one place people can go to find out what I'm doing.

The Great Landing Page "Hoax"

If you've been around marketing circles a little while you would definitely have heard of DoubleYourDating.com. You see, the people "in the know" have taken notice of how this site, selling info products in the dating niche has absolutely exploded.

And I'm not talking about a quaint little 6- or even 7-figure business. This site now rakes in over $20M/year. I would say that's something worth paying attention to, particularly if you're serious about growing your own info products business.

Now here's the "hoax" part I mentioned in the title...