PHP Configuration Files Are Not Inherited

PHP Configuration Files Are Not Inherited
I had a problem that started a couple days ago on one of my sites, where my custom php.ini file wasn’t overriding the server’s global php.ini file. This meant that certain directives weren’t set and one of my scripts wasn’t behaving.

Learning Object-Oriented Programming

Want to learn OOP? Stanford University offers a number of online courses from its catalog, including Programming Methodology (CS106A), through iTunes University—for free!

Choosing a Personal Finance App (Part Two)

In August 2009, I abandoned my search for a personal finance app to replace Quicken, but have taken it up once again. With Quicken now unsupported on Lion—because Lion won’t run PowerPC apps and Quicken still hasn’t been updated for Intel Macs—it’s time to look again for something to take its place.

Looking back at the apps I’d started with two years ago, I found some immediate reasons to eliminate a few...

The Night Before Christmas (arr. J. Daniel Smith)

A big shout out to J. Daniel Smith, who arranged The Night Before Christmas, a musical performed at our church tonight. I had a great deal of fun playing the oboe; Daniel scored that part beautifully! I've been enjoying his arranging for better than 20 years. Joel Lindsey, one of the writers of the musical, was in attendance and I don't think we let him down.

Sesame Street Glee Parody

This was just too funny!

Link Checkers

While preparing a quote for a client to convert their static web site to Drupal, I wanted to make sure that I knew how many pages the site spanned. Normally that's an easy task, but their previous webmaster did little in the way of organization, leaving dozens of old files littering the hosting account.

Ledesma Optometry

I broke my eyeglasses frames a couple weeks ago and immediately ordered a new pair from my regular optometrist, Ledesma Optometry in Redlands. I was told they would be in on Tuesday (this was a Friday) and that they would be covered under their free replacement policy. I called back on Tuesday, was told their courier would be in after 1:30. I called after 1:30, was told that I was given incorrect information: the frames would take as long as seven days to arrive. No problem—except that my backup glasses were several years old and not suitable for long-term wear.

Those Darn Finder Windows

The Finder has an Always open folders in a new window preference that, as the option suggests, ensures that opening a folder spawns a new window. You might think that disabling this setting would ensure that all folders are opened in the parent window; that is, alas, not the case.

(I'm posting this mostly because the following behavior bites me once in a while and by writing it down I'm more likely to remember the reason.)

iOS Syncs in Background

I hadn't noticed this before, nor had I seen it mentioned anywhere else, but it appears that syncing your iOS device no longer prevents you from using it while the sync is happening.

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Many others will say it better than I, but I will miss Steve Jobs. Not because I knew him, but because of his influence on the products I've used daily since 1981.

He inspired people to give their best. The people who worked for him at Apple created the Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac OS X, and more—each arguably the best product in its category. He pushed them (perhaps mercilessly) to pursue excellence and—as seen in his presentations—he gave credit where credit was due.

Backordering Domains

I was going through some old email messages yesterday when I came across a conversation from two-and-a-half years ago:

Me: "Is [domain] for sale? I have a client who may be interested in purchasing the domain at the right price."

(I was attempting to purchase the domain for my own use.)

Other person: "Not really. Had some ideas to develop the domain. I am always willing to consider a good offer though."

Me: "Thanks, ____. My client has authorized me to offer $300. Let me know."

Resending Drupal Revalidation Links

On many of the Drupal-based sites I design I use a wonderful module called LoginToboggan, which provides a number of features related to user login. One such feature is the non-authenticated role, which is an interim role that a user can be set to after registering but before validating their email address.